Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whats in and Whats out!

Hey Dollies! You all know me for my awesome In and Out article! Today i will be telling you whats in and out for superstars and non-superstars!
Whats in!!!
The new white make-up line has hit the top of the in list and it looks great on superstars. Also the lady gaga hairbow in all colors ( blonde,black, brown and red), even though it came out a while back, is pretty and popular just like me ;) !!!It seems like the Christina Milian 2 hair doo seems like a must have for everyone! Most cute boys on stardoll have the Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson hair.
Whats out!?
To me dressing up celebrities is pretty lame, does anyone ever do this anymore? Really stardoll should come up with something new! Writing in your starblog is also lame and very out but was it really ever in? Cast your vote in our polls! Fallen Angel is so not in, get a shovel cuz this is so being barried, there clothes remind me of like going to see a dead person :( The Amy Winehouse 2 hair is so UGLY, and if you have this hair start crying because it makes your medoll look like they have a rat nest on top of their hair! And if you do think your medoll makes this look, look fab please tell me and you will go on the cover of this blog!
I hope you all watch the bachlorette tonight!And check out suicide-awareness page it is so inspiring so check it or you are so out! Love Love Love, x.emO.GiRl.x

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