Monday, July 20, 2009

Kelly0908 here to give you fashion tips!
  Here are some quick Tips!  
         Well in stardoll we have some new Hair dos.
-The one that is most in style is the really curly like Christina Millan         2.
     Now on to clothes
-The Hannah Montana dress is is so popular 
-A lot of people also where striped shades. 
-Fake eyelashes is so in style.
-Basics is where many non-superstars shop, you can  just get               some plain basic colors. 
-ELLE polka dot tank is very popular
-Hot buys like always everyone loves. 
-Skirts are really big right now.
-Skinny jeans people love. 
  -DKNY is awesome many love those clothes. 
  -Pretty n Pink cardigan, this is a must have item. 
 -One word ELLE a word to describe it, AMAZING!!!!
 - Most people wear bright colors or black. 
                                                Well that is all for this week.
                                                                      From Fashion Tips with Kelly0908

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