Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to shop for deals

Hey Dollies!,

Today your in for a speacil treat! I am going to help you all you superstars shop for deals! And i even will help some of you non-superstars to!

Ok so i was in the Star Bazaar and I noticed something, people trying to make money off of cheasy items! How do i know because their not rare and their not popular, trust me i learned this the hard way!

So i was at a friends suite and they wanted me to buy something from them and I was like sure i have tons of stardollars! So they say here you can have this for 50 and im like ok??? Their like make it 60 its really rare and I'm like COOL! But then i came to learn if something on stardoll is rare, stardoll always changes the name to say RARE before it trust me i own something that is RARE that has the word rare on it! So It really is only for your money now there are things that are very popular that are expensive but let me tell you why? Because so many people want them! The more the people want the more expensive! So if you want this item find someone trust worthy to trade with or just look for the sales (best place is the star bazaar in the shopping center!)!!! DKNY is usally always expensive so don't be shocked if you see a DKNY shirt for 40stardollars! But please be shocked if you see a non-superstar rio dress for 60? WHAT??? Here are some WHAT?? moments,

NOw this is the way you check to see if it is truely a rip off, take a look at the original price... Now the price their selling it for? Huge difference, A little desperate now i would deffinitly buy this if it were 8 stardollars maybe even 10, but please 60!

Now once again huge difference! Another tip is if something is really popular when it first comes out buy it so you dont have to buy it for a rediculas price in the long run! You can look cute and save cash!

Now time to help all you non-superstars!

Here are all the non-superstar items in Superstar Stores!

Now time for the Deal look alike deals! We will start off with Superstars!

Now for non-superstars!

Love Love Love, Sedona

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