Friday, August 28, 2009

Hey everyone ! Their is this new Limited Time Offer Bag's In starplazer ! I Love tha bag's , but HATE the Prices ! Thier so exspensive and So not fair , Superstar ! What do you think ? xox

Hot Buy's Earing's ! xox

The Hotbuys Earrings is released in the starplazar and it Only cost 6 stardollars and it's for superstar, which is sad .I like the Earrings! What do you think ? xox Nicole

Hot Buy's Cake Bag xox !

I Just so Love this Bag ! Their are Many way's you can ware it ! It's relay upsetting its supertstar Becuase its so Pritty , and Only 7 stardollars ! Click on the Picture Bellow to be taken to the starplazer to Buy the Item ! xox Nicole

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OMG this is really cool. I think its a glitch but i bought the shirt for only 8 dollars instead of 12 4 dollars saved for some cute shoes!
                Love Love Love, Sedona

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hey its Nicole ! Thier is this new play and Earn school Math's game , it's pritty easy ! Go check it out! xox The Stardoll Elite


Hey Dolls!
     Sedona here with a cool new thing that i will have on my blog called *drum roll* Look-a-Like were i will piece outfits from real models to stardoll!

and here is how you can get this look!

Good Bye

Sad to Say that Kelly 0908 has left and Nicole is taking a break so it will just be me pretty much but no worries! We will have guest righters and if you would like to be one please contact me!!! This blog will be under construction for a few days but it will be back and running soon enough!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I put them on at a quarter to 6, the wind is cold but i am warm. Warm inside when i get that feeling, the feeling of looking good. And i know how to get that feeling, just wear my short brace pants.

For 44nicole44's magazine in her album check it out!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How to Save

Hey Dollies!,

Today your in for a speacil treat! I am going to help you all you superstars shop for deals! And i even will help some of you non-superstars to!

Ok so i was in the Star Bazaar and I noticed something, people trying to make money off of cheasy items! How do i know because their not rare and their not popular, trust me i learned this the hard way!

So i was at a friends suite and they wanted me to buy something from them and I was like sure i have tons of stardollars! So they say here you can have this for 50 and im like ok??? Their like make it 60 its really rare and I'm like COOL! But then i came to learn if something on stardoll is rare, stardoll always changes the name to say RARE before it trust me i own something that is RARE that has the word rare on it! So It really is only for your money now there are things that are very popular that are expensive but let me tell you why? Because so many people want them! The more the people want the more expensive! So if you want this item find someone trust worthy to trade with or just look for the sales (best place is the star bazaar in the shopping center!)!!! DKNY is usally always expensive so don't be shocked if you see a DKNY shirt for 40stardollars! But please be shocked if you see a non-superstar rio dress for 60? WHAT??? Here are some WHAT?? moments,

 NOw this is the way you check to see if it is truely a rip off, take a look at the original price... Now the price their selling it for? Huge difference, A little desperate now i would deffinitly buy this if it were 8 stardollars maybe even 10, but please 60!

 Now once again huge difference! Another tip is if something is really popular when it first comes out buy it so you dont have to buy it for a rediculas price in the long run! You can look cute and save cash!

Now time to help all you non-superstars!

Here are all the non-superstar items in Superstar Stores!


Now time for the Deal look alike deals! We will start off with Superstars!

Now for non-superstars!

Love Love Love, Sedona

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Compition

Hey Sedona here and me and nicole r having a little compition! Its called Look-a-Like! What you do is style your medoll to look like yourself send me and nicole a picture of u and your medoll and the person that looks the most like their medoll will win 20 stardollars and 3 ss gifts! (and it wont be something cheesy it will be something really cool!!!) 
Now you have seen what we look like (i think i kinda look like my medoll lol) But my last picture wasn't that good so heres another one!

i know im not smiling but u can see my face better in this one, and plys im wearing my favorite sunglasses!

Get The ELLE Outfit !

Hot To Wear hot buys Jacket x

Thursday, August 6, 2009

School Girl

Hey Guys Sedona Here with some interesting news!  A new style of clothing has come out in the Starplaza! School Girl! I like these new clothes because personally they look kinda like the uniforms i have to wear to my Private school, and i always find it fun to make my medoll look like me! For example, im going swimming well why not dress my medoll up in a fun little swim suit! But back to the point, i noticed something kinda funny, the names of the new hair dyes, take a close look!
Eraser Orange! Kinda sounds like school now doesnt it? Ink black and Desk brown, wow who would want their hair to match their desk!!! I wouldnt! But i would go for the eraser orange!
                                         The Editor and Cheif with all you need, SedonaJ!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Jumsuit

Heres a pic of me in my new jump suit that i bought today at my shopping party!

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Writer

Hey Dolls, like the new banner? Nicole made it for me! Well i have sad news today, one of our writers has left, Stardoll Elite, X.emo.Girl.x but the good news is there is an opening! So if you would like to try out for my blog please tell me in my Guest Book! Have an amazing Day! 
                                               xoxo, Editor and Cheif with all you need, SedonaJ
And From The Whole Clique, we hope you find more blogs in the Future and you are always welcome back, You were an Amazing writer Stephanie, and we wish you luck! Everyone at Stardoll Elite look

New Banners !

What do you Think ? xox Pink or Black ?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Way to become CG

Hey Dolls,
   SedonaJ here with a new way to become CG! I like to call this the Top Medoll way! I've been following this girl from the start, you may have seen one of the 140 broadcasts she sent. This girl was dettermined to become covergirl and all you needed to do was read her presentation! Heres something a little similar to what it said
  Hi! Want to win 100 stardollars? Well Vote me covergirl tell me that you voted me in my guestbook and When i become cg i will draw a name from the hat (one of your names) and that person will win 100 stardollars.
  No one had seen anything like this before, and once the word got out well lets just say, the next day this girl of corse was covergirl! I think i may come up with a new way because everyone is doing this now!
      Congradulations TopMedoll!
                     Xoxo The Editor and Cheif With all you need, SedonaJ

Saturday, August 1, 2009

In and Out

Hey Dollies it's x.emO.GiRl.x here with the new in and out list I'm gonna keep it short and cute!

On stardoll the new brand KOHLS of is in. Its popular with lots of great things but most of there stuff is so not my style...Also the new Rio hot buys shoes are in plus they are 0 stardollars! Saddley their only for superstars :( 

The new Born to be wild line has fallen down the drain :( so sad NOT! People only bought the clothes for one day bad timing  for it to come out if Kohls had come out next month well Born To Be wild would have been at the top but personaly i thought it sucked!
        Well my job is done i told u whats in and whats out! Gtg Shopping! Toodles!

My Scenery

Hey Dollies!
   SedonaJ Here with a cool little story i want to tell you guys! So i am in a club called LihnModelAgency! And i am in a compition to become their next model! And i wanted to show you guys some of the scneries that i have made so far and what i place i came in for them!
Task 3 The results havent come yet!!

Task 2: I came in 1st place

Task 1 Tied in First place 

3 Must Have's !