Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm kelly0908 here to give you this week's fashion tips.First of all, we have a new store in the Starplaza!! Kohls, its new and fresh with latest trends for all styles, starting with punk and ending with classy!!! It has Candies by Brittney Spears ,Abbey dawn by Avril Lavigne, and Mudd for kids. The scarves from Candies are very fashionable and trendy to wear with basic white tops and blue jeans. Now online on stardoll and offline in the real world anything with peace signs are so in style. The ruched Ikat Halter Top from candie's is at the top of the most bought and most popular list! This season's colors are very bright including yellows, pinks, oranges, whites, and lime greens. And the fabric print that is absaloutley cute and in is calico (flower prints)!!! Remember to stick to the bright colors                                             and find good deals, Im Kelly0908 signing off till next week!

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