Monday, July 20, 2009

  Hey Stardoll Members, X.Emo.Girl.X here to tell you whats in and whats out! Lets be more positive and start with the whats in!
  There are a lot of Stardoll Members that are willing to pay big, for exclusive DKNY, examples: the scuba dress and the skysckraper dress. Old DKNY will always be in like Micheal Jaksons music. But DKNY is not the only designer line that people want! Many Stardoll Members know that the new ELLE line is in to! There are a lot of bright clothes and it all looks fantastic on anyone! But for non-superstars there is a dilema we can only dream of wearing Elle and DKNY so we have to go back to the basics! Basics is very very popular store for non-superstars with cheap prices and cute clothes. I would wear mostly everything out in public.
Now For whats out!!
    The time you Dolls have been waiting for... WHATS OUT! Well when it gets down to the chase Evil Panda isn't making it any more. Most the clothing hasn't been updated just like Ric Fleir from WWE wrestling channel. Plus most of the clothing is preatty Punk Rock. And start digging anothing grave cuz I think Stardoll the store is alittle old fashion with Granny Clothes but there price is reasonable. The store Stardoll is a little to out there for me.                                                         With Whats Hot and Whats Not, X.Emo.Girl.X

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