Thursday, August 6, 2009

School Girl

Hey Guys Sedona Here with some interesting news!  A new style of clothing has come out in the Starplaza! School Girl! I like these new clothes because personally they look kinda like the uniforms i have to wear to my Private school, and i always find it fun to make my medoll look like me! For example, im going swimming well why not dress my medoll up in a fun little swim suit! But back to the point, i noticed something kinda funny, the names of the new hair dyes, take a close look!
Eraser Orange! Kinda sounds like school now doesnt it? Ink black and Desk brown, wow who would want their hair to match their desk!!! I wouldnt! But i would go for the eraser orange!
                                         The Editor and Cheif with all you need, SedonaJ!!!

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