Saturday, August 1, 2009

In and Out

Hey Dollies it's x.emO.GiRl.x here with the new in and out list I'm gonna keep it short and cute!

On stardoll the new brand KOHLS of is in. Its popular with lots of great things but most of there stuff is so not my style...Also the new Rio hot buys shoes are in plus they are 0 stardollars! Saddley their only for superstars :( 

The new Born to be wild line has fallen down the drain :( so sad NOT! People only bought the clothes for one day bad timing  for it to come out if Kohls had come out next month well Born To Be wild would have been at the top but personaly i thought it sucked!
        Well my job is done i told u whats in and whats out! Gtg Shopping! Toodles!

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