Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Way to become CG

Hey Dolls,
   SedonaJ here with a new way to become CG! I like to call this the Top Medoll way! I've been following this girl from the start, you may have seen one of the 140 broadcasts she sent. This girl was dettermined to become covergirl and all you needed to do was read her presentation! Heres something a little similar to what it said
  Hi! Want to win 100 stardollars? Well Vote me covergirl tell me that you voted me in my guestbook and When i become cg i will draw a name from the hat (one of your names) and that person will win 100 stardollars.
  No one had seen anything like this before, and once the word got out well lets just say, the next day this girl of corse was covergirl! I think i may come up with a new way because everyone is doing this now!
      Congradulations TopMedoll!
                     Xoxo The Editor and Cheif With all you need, SedonaJ

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